Richard Deslongchamps, RDI Logistics

Chairman, Board of Directors:

Dear Fellow Members,

I am honored to have been elected as your Chairman for the next two years. I appreciate your confidence in me and the other leaders of the Massachusetts Motor Transportation Association. I look forward to serving your needs as a member of MMTA by continuing to advocate on behalf of the industry and focus on our shared goals.

I started my company, RDI Logistics in 1987 with a small van and big ambitions. I have strived to achieve a well-rounded professional relationship between our customers, managers, office staff, drivers and contractors.  My philosophy is to listen carefully to the needs of my customers and have a team that believes in what we are doing.  I became a member of MMTA in 2010 and quickly got involved in the association by attending events and joining the Board of Directors.

Since becoming a member of the MMTA and joining the Board of Directors, I have seen this organization do great things and have met some incredible people along the way. Not only has MMTA made me a better business owner, but it has also helped to connect me with leaders in the transportation industry both at the state and national level. Over the next two years, I look forward to providing each member the kind of success I have experienced over my years as a MMTA member. I want each member to feel served by this association and to know their voice is heard and their interests represented.

With that in mind, this month, your newly elected Board of Directors will be asked to participate in defining a comprehensive plan for the future of the association. I look forward to providing the members with a renewed vision for the future by setting goals and benchmarks for the next two years. We have the right leadership, who is motivated and energized, to propel this organization into the future and I look forward to leading the way. I am committed to continue to show our members the value of membership with MMTA.

Your support and participation in this organization is paramount to our success. I would encourage our members to use this association as a resource. If there is an issue you are struggling with or you’re in need or guidance, please call the office. If there is a recent success your business has accomplished or your employee has reached a milestone, we want to publish that information. By strengthening our community, we can effect change.

This year will be a year of renewed strength for this organization. I am thrilled with the momentum we have and look forward to continuing to build on those successes. As part of my Chairmanship, these messages will become more frequent as I want to connect with members and determine what YOUR needs are from this association. I would encourage you to contact the office and offer your suggestions and provide feedback on how we are doing. I want to hear from you!


Richard Deslongchamps, RDI Logistics Inc.

MMTA Chairman 2017-2019


Anne Lynch

Executive Director:

Dear Members,
Welcome to your new MMTA website. I hope you find the information contained on these pages helpful in your daily business. While we have tried to include every item the Board of Directors listed as important, there may be other informational items you need that are not currently provided. Please contact us with your suggestions and we will accommodate them right away. One of the benefits of the new website is that we have the ability to internally edit and add anything to the site. This will allow us to give you breaking news regarding routes, congestion, legislative and regulatory matters. More...

Board of Directors 2017-2019


Chairman: Richard Deslongchamps, RDI Logistics

1st Vice Chair: Stephen Normandin, Braun’s Express

2nd Vice Chair: Ed Rodricks, Regency Transportation

3rd Vice Chair: John McKenna, New England Motor Freight

Past Chairman: John Hamel, J&S Transport

Treasurer: Bill O'Brien, Northeast Great Dane (dba New England Trailer Equip. Corp)

Secretary: Jennifer Grandoni, O.B. Hill Trucking and Rigging Co., Inc.

ATA VP: Rick Giroux, Regency Transportation



Andrew Boyle, Boyle Transportation

Bill Crowley, Capital Driver Leasing

Mark Greenberg, New England Tractor Trailer Training School

Mike Bavuso, Big Foot Moving

Kate Killory, FedEx Corporation

Barry Badolato, Garvey Transportation

Linda Greenberg, Highway Driver Leasing

Larry Noonan, J.P. Noonan

Jarod Warsofsky, Boston Trailer LLC.

James Foster, Ryder Systems, Inc.

Bob/Robyn Arnold, Salvoni Transportation

Kevin Holmes, Tri State Truck Center

Arthur Brussard, Truck Courier, Inc.

Glenn Harding, Carrier Transicold

Debora Katz, TrucBrush Corp.

Fred Schenk, J&S Transport

Paul Moriatry, Moriarty Financial Group

Ken Zwicker, Stop & Shop

Mike Manning, AVSG LP

Mark Giuffre, UPS



Jeff Blake, Tri State Truck Center

Robert Quinn, FedEx Corporation

Paul Attridge, Deland and Gibson Insurance

Dan Sullivan, Plus Compliance

Mike Janak, Transgas Inc.

Steve Norbeck, Boyle Transportation