Director Message

 Message from the executive director, Kevin Weeks

Kevin Weeks

Dear Members,

Welcome to the TAM website. We hope you find the information contained on these pages helpful in your daily business. While we strive to include every item our Board of Directors feel are important, there may be other informational items you need that are not currently provided. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions.

While some information provided is in the Members Only section, general information is always available to the entire transportation community.

We work with state agencies to provide accurate and useful information regarding the roads and bridges you travel in Massachusetts. We also work closely with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to keep you informed on all changes and efforts regarding federal regulations.

Local, State and Federal -- TAM is actively involved at all levels to facilitate the efficient and timely transportation of goods. In Massachusetts 93.17% of all goods delivered are moved by truck. That makes transportation the single most important element of commerce in our state, if you cannot move it, you cannot sell it. I am proud to serve this essential profession, and TAM is ready to meet the challenges the transportation community faces every day. We thank you for your continued support and involvement.


Kevin Weeks

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