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MMTA advocates for trucking before state and federal government

Did you know that MMTA has:

Fought proposed increases in diesel fuel tax for the last four budget cycles. While
states throughout Massachusetts have experienced 10 cents per gallon or more in diesel
fuel tax increases, Massachusetts has experienced none. This has resulted in our tax rate
going from the highest in the Northeast to the second to lowest ( MA: , NH: )

Fought against state and local road truck exclusions. From a three-year effort to
prevent truck exclusions through the City of Cambridge, we were successful in
preventing a 7 pm to 7 am truck ban instituted by the City and expanded access to roads
previously closed to trucks. We have prevented the passage of several pieces of
legislation that would have closed major thoroughfares to trucks in cities such as:
Reading, Pittsfield, Braintree and others.

Fought against a ban on all trucks from the new Central Artery tunnel. Originally
designed to carry trucks quickly through the city, as the new tunnel was opened the
Commonwealth determined that trucks would be prohibited from using the tunnel and
began citing commercial vehicles with $500 citations for use of the tunnel. We were
successful in getting the tunnel reopened to commercial vehicles (except haz-mat) and
eliminating the citations being issued.

We continue to fight for trucking every day. This year we have proposed legislation
on limiting enforcement of the anti-idling law during cold weather or when it presents a
hazard to the health and safety of the driver; called for a state Motor Carrier Advisory
Council working with agencies that oversee commercial transportation to recommend
needed changes to the legislature; filed for Uniform HazMat regulations that would be
the same in all states, to name a few of our initiatives.

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