Rolling Stock Study by Northeastern University

Leading Policy Institution Partners with TAM to Study Competitive Disadvantages for Trucking in Massachusetts.
TAM is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Northeastern University and the Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy to conduct a study on the economic impacts of commercial transportation within the Commonwealth.  Originally borne out of a need to demonstrate the competitive disadvantage Massachusetts' rolling stock tax causes, the Dukakis Center study will look at the many ways that the economic success of the Commonwealth depends on the trucking industry.   This important study, which will be used both in the policy efforts of the association and for our member companies, will be the first such study of its type in over 25 years. 
Given the many uses of this study, we are reaching out to members to assist with funding this extraordinary effort.  The American Trucking Associations have agreed to fund 50% of the $25,000 cost for the study.  This leaves TAM responsible for the remaining funds.  As this is outside of our normal budgetary spending, TAM needs member companies to assist with funding this initiative.  The Board has decided to request voluntary contributions to raise the needed resources instead of raising dues. 
Please make your pledge TODAY! Simply contact the TAM office by phone, or email and pledge whatever you can to help defray this expense.  The return on investment - whether from achieving success on the rolling stock taxation issue or advancing the industry generally -- is significant and immediate for our membership.  Help us help you. Thank you for your continued support of TAM!  
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