TAM Legislative Update

TAM Legislative Update

As the Massachusetts legislature begins the 2019-2020 legislative session, TAM has already begun to advance the interests of the trucking industry by filing four pieces of legislation.  The legislative slate includes initiatives to: (a) remove the tax on rolling stock; (b) create a truck driver workforce grant; (c) implement Massachusetts State Police oversight over municipal truck inspections and (d) establish a tax incentive for the purchase of alternative fuel medium and heavy duty trucks.  In working with House and Senate leadership last session, TAM was able to pass the rolling stock initiative through the House and secure favorable committee reports on the rest of TAM’s legislative agenda.  It is our hope to pass a number of these initiatives this session.

In addition to TAM’s legislative priorities, the association has reviewed and is prioritizing the over 6,000 other legislative matters that have been filed for consideration during this session.  From initial appearances, this session will be heavily focused on transportation and infrastructure financing.  With initiatives aimed at raising the gas tax, creating congestion pricing and experimenting with vehicle miles tolled, the legislature will be looking closely at how to fund the Commonwealth’s transit, road and bridge needs.  As well, legislators have filed a wide range of bills from regulating autonomous vehicles and ensuring bike safety through the use of sideguards to other measures that govern what trucking companies and their drivers can and cannot do.  As it always does, TAM will continue to work with legislators to educate them about the impact that these matters may have on an industry that accounts for the delivery of 93% of all goods in the Commonwealth.

Please stay tuned for future updates.  TAM remains the voice of the trucking industry on Beacon Hill.  As the legislative session progresses, TAM will be letting you know when we need you to contact your elected officials.  The more that legislators hear from the trucking industry, the better informed they will be when they make decisions that impact the industry.

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